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Sample Menus and Recipes
Sample Menus and Recipes

Use The Scramble from Your Mobile Devices

Many of us use our smart phones and tablets for virtually everything —from waking up in the morning to staying in touch with our kids. We know that these same mobile devices may be an important tool for your meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking.

The Scramble online meal planning system now has a “responsive design” —that essentially means you can now have an optimal viewing experience from any device. This makes it easy to view your recipes, meal plans and grocery list without zooming in and out or scrolling side to side.

We are committed to constantly upgrading to provide more time saving features and family meal planning flexibility. From your mobile phone or tablet you can::

  • Access the Scramble from anywhere! Get your grocery lists from your iPhone, Android or other smart phone, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Select your recipes and generate your meal plan and grocery list for the week
  • Delete items from your grocery list that you don’t need or as you go through the store
  • Add items to your grocery list and put them in the correct store section for more efficient shopping

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Karen Schlesinger, a Six O’Clock Scramble Subscriber wrote:

I am totally loving the new grocery list functionality – I managed to plan my week’s menu, create a custom meal plan, view the grocery list, delete the items I didn’t need and then delete as I went through the grocery store and put the items in the basket all on my phone. So happy :0)